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Ireland’s Newest Luxury Vegan Online Hamper Store

We carefully curate the finest in vegan chocolate, confectionary, snacks and treats to bring you a gifting experience like no other.

Now taking orders for our Halloween treat boxes!

Kids Halloween Treat Box

Each Halloween Treat Box is suitable for two small children to share with big sharing bags of treats and doubles of the smaller treats that can’t (or won’t!) be shared.

Halloween hamper

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Hi there, I’m Alan

I started my plant-based journey in 2016, the year Sharyn and I got married, in response to what I can only describe as a ‘Cop On Moment’. I was unhealthy, overweight and not terribly happy with myself and with my contribution to the planet. I watched documentaries on plant-based living and truly believed in my heart that it was for me. One morning, I woke up and simply made the decision; I would no longer eat meat products. As I am a stubborn individual, that was really that for me!

Transitioning to a vegan diet required more work but I love cooking and played around with different recipes and ideas until I found an array of delicious meals that my family and I could get on board with. In January 2019, I quit drinking alcohol for ‘One Year No Beer’ and never looked back. The energy, the mental clarity, the stabilisation of my moods and ability to deal with stress, has never been stronger.

So here I am, a non-drinking, vegan, fit and healthy man (I lost 4 stone in 4 years!) who wants to share all the delicious planet-friendly treats I have found on my journey with you. The global vegan population is on the rise and the producers of fine vegan products are here for it.