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Halloween 2020 is going to be so very different for families in Ireland and the rest of the world.

We are all being encouraged to think about Trick or Treating in a different way; i.e; have small neighbourhood parades for the kids, parties at home, thinking of all the traditional Halloween games that we can resurrect (sorry!) for some fun.

The message is clear; Don’t Knock on Doors if we want to contain the virus and keep everyone safe. Got it.

But can we also think about Trick or Treating in another way when it comes to the actual Treats. My two kids (9 and 6 years old) are vegetarian and have just this year started to study the back of sweet packets.

They are looking for their enemy; Gelatin.

Gelatin is a gelling agent used in lots of jelly-like confectionary and if it isn’t a specific vegan or vegetarian-friendly packet, then it is most likely made from crushed animal bones.

I’ll just repeat that: Gelatin is made from the skin, bones and connective tissue of cows, pigs, chickens and fish.

And it’s in A LOT of your kids’ sweets.

Here at VBAG we have curated a gorgeous children’s treat box that has NO gelatin, NO eggs, NO dairy, NO palm oil. They contain really delicious treats (chocolates, confectionary, snacks) from companies all who really care about the planet and operate in sustainable ways.

Don’t our kids really deserve that?!

Order here for Halloween:

Love Alan x